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By janice, Sep 22 2017 02:24PM

What an exciting week we have had at Hamilton Infant School! This week, we have celebrated ‘Good to be me’ day. The children came to school wearing clothes that made them feel special and they all looked fantastic! The day was based around disability awareness and the children learnt lots about different kinds of disabilities. Nursery focused on Hearing and Visual impairment and celebrated how we are all different, Reception learnt about Visual impairment and have imagined what it would be like if they couldn’t see. The children also learnt about Braille and how it is used. Year One took part in activities that helped them to see what it would be like to live life with a Physical disability and Year two discovered whether all disabilities can be seen. All the children practised a song that includes sign language and they made self-portraits of themselves to celebrate how we are all different. The day was topped off when the children got the chance to meet Dave and his trained guide dog Kate!

Year 2 have had another super week. They have become authors and travelled the world with 'The whale and the snail' seeing lots of exciting things. The children have stopped off to do some number crunching with the number-gator, deciding which number is greater than and which is less than using their place value knowledge from last week. In the afternoons, Year 2 have been designing their own microhabitat in preparation for when they create them next week.

As the Year One children have been exploring more about the story of Little Red Riding Hood, they've certainly left their teachers saying "Oh my, what clever children we've got!" The children have used their phonetics to focus on spelling when writing a character description about the big, bad wolf. The children have been challenging themselves in maths to answer one step addition word problems related to the amounts of fruit in Riding Hood's basket, they also used Numicon to help them to solve the problems. In topic, Year One went on a journey to Africa this week and used their senses to experience life in the Savannah. Lots of exciting adjectives were used to describe the taste of the exotics fruits and the sounds of the plains. Keep up the hard work Dinosaurs!

The boys and girls in Reception came into school on Monday morning to find that a mysterious visitor had been - there were strange paw prints all over the classroom, bits of grass, snow, mud and trees... What do you think it was from? The children followed the trail of clues to discover their new book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. They have really wowed us with how quickly they have learned the story, retelling it using their Talk4Writing skills. Following the bear theme, children enjoyed a teddy bears picnic, where they used their maths skills to count showing 1-1 correspondence. Can your child do this at home?

This week the Nursery children have been sharing and talking about their ‘All about me boxes’ that they made with their families over the summer holidays. We have celebrated how we are all different by using mirrors to look at our own features and then painting a self-portrait. Our story of the week was ‘Sylvia and bird’ and the children talked about how it is important to be friends with everyone. We have also started to make our outside area look beautiful by introducing lots of natural materials for the children to investigate.

What a busy week it has been! We are now looking forward to what next week has in store for us.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Miss Bromley