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Pupil Premium at Hamilton Infants

What is Pupil Premium funding?

Pupil Premium is funding allocated to schools for the specific purpose of boosting the attainment of pupils who are registered for a free school meal, children placed in care (Looked after Children) and children whose parents are members of the Armed Forces. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. Within this directive, schools are also accountable for their spending and are expected to evidence and report impact.


At Hamilton, all members of staff and governors accept responsibility for ‘social and economically disadvantaged pupils’ and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within the school environment. We are committed to closing attainment gaps between vulnerable pupils and those pupils who are classed as not. The pupil premium funding forms a vital part of this process.  The school carries out a review of it's Pupil Premium strategy each September.


Reporting Pupil Premium

It is the responsibility of the governors to explain pupil premium expenditure to parents in the form of an annual statement. The Governing body has a nominated Governor who takes responsibility for expecting regular updates from Senior Leaders and monitoring and challenging the use of the funding on pupil impact.


There is no set format for the report of pupil premium. Hamilton Infant School has published details of a report online annually since September 2012. This report has developed over time and aims to detail information on how Pupil Premium has been used within school and the impact that it has had on improving outcomes for pupils. Reports will detail the attainment and progress of pupils who are covered by the premium and detail the progress made towards narrowing gaps.


Pupil Premium Grant for 2016/2017 is £52,080


Please click here to view the Pupil Premium information for our school.