Let’s find out what our amazing children have been up this week:


This week Nursery have been thinking about vegetables, as our story of the week was 'Oliver's vegetables'. Oliver didn't like vegetable and only ate chips! I'm sure all parents can relate to that. In writing this week the children have been having a go at writing captions and labels, thinking about initials sounds and segmenting words. During maths we have been weighing a variety of vegetables using language heavy and light - we have discovered that a potato is the heaviest and a runner bean is the lightest. We have also been discussing healthy and unhealthy food and made a healthy wrap using cheese, tomato and lettuce - these were really good! Well done to our Nursery athletes -we had a fantastic time in our sports day.


The learning in Reception this week has been centred around the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have been rewriting the famous story in their Writing lessons and have been growing beanstalks in their classrooms. On the creative tables, the children have been painting what they think might by waiting for them at the top of the magical beanstalk! In Forest School, the children have been learning about plants and have been plating beans. However, the beans used in Maths lessons were very different as the children have been sharing jelly beans!


The Dinosaurs have been using their fantastic learning about nouns and adjectives from the past few weeks to produce a suburb setting description of the woods from the story ‘Wild’. Ask your child about all of the different animals they have been describing! In Maths, the children rounded off their division topic by solving word problems by sharing objects into equal groups. In Topic, the children have been learning more about various musical instruments and have started to design instruments of their own!


The Year Two children have had a fantastic last week of this half term. They have completed further special quizzes and they have, as always, impressed all of their teachers! The children's learning attitudes, towards the special quizzes have been phenomenal and they should be extremely proud of themselves. The children in Year Two have also been completing fantastic artwork, looking at the illustrator Quentin Blake to design their own characters for The Twits! They were so creative. Finally, their performance in Sports Day was outstanding - well done! The teachers can certainly see how hard the children have worked to develop their sports skills. 

This week saw the staging of our annual Sports Day at Northwood Stadium. We were all so proud to see our little sporty superstars dazzling us on the track in a host of different races. As well as being amazing athletes, they also showed amazing sportsmanship and grace regardless of what happened in the races. We are sure you will agree that all of our children were a real credit to the school and they conducted themselves amazingly throughout the day. Well done everyone!


We hope you enjoy your weekend and have a super half term break. Keep safe and we will see you again on Monday 3rd May!


Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson