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W.E. 1.04.21

Happy wellbeing day everyone! Today we saw the children come to school in clothes that make them feel good for the last day of this half term. The children have certainly worked hard this half term to settle back into school and their MAGIC attitudes have blown our socks off every step of the way.

As the final day of this half term comes to an end, let’s take a look at the fantastic learning that the children have been completing this week…

The Nursery children took part in the sing-athon this week, they have practised hard to learn the words and actions to all the songs, they sang. A big thankyou to all the parents for supporting the Nursery children with fundraising. Wow! You have helped to raise a massive £507.00. They have also been very creative, painting Easter eggs, making rabbits and Easter cakes. They weather has been glorious this week and the children have helped to clean up the garden and dig the soil ready for the vegetable patch next term. The children have also demonstrated their construction skills making dens in the garden to shade from the sun. In literacy, the children have WOW-ed us with their phonics. They are becoming so confident at helping Fred the frog to say the sounds and blend the words. In maths they have been counting the mini eggs in the water tray saying if they have more or less than their friends. They are very excited for their grown-ups to see their Sing-athon video. We are sure you will love it. Have a lovely Easter.  

"Hot cross buns, hot cross buns...1 a penny, 2 a penny... hot cross buns!" Can you guess what Reception have been making? Just like the Little Red Hen, the Dalmatians have tried their hands at baking bread and what fun they have had! The children were able to make observations and talk about the changes that took place from mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough to letting it proof and bake. They have also WOWed their teachers in English this week by using story language when writing the story of The Little Red Hen. Take a look on class dojo at some of the children's amazing work! They are working so hard to use capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. 

The Dalmatians have really immersed themselves into learning all about Easter this week. They have learnt about the Easter story, how we celebrate it and they have enjoyed the Easter small world area too. They have been especially enthusiastic when creating Easter cards for their grown-ups! We are sure you will love them! From everyone in Reception; have a very 'hoppy' Easter!