Let’s take a look at what the children have been up to this week…


This week we had a big surprise in the form of snow! The Nursery stars put on their wellies and went outside. We enjoyed throwing snowballs at the wall and even attempted to make a snowman. In the classroom the children have been exploring with magnets and found the magnets stuck to the legs of our chairs but not on the wood - what clever scientists!

On Wednesday we had our parents evening, a big thank you to all that attended - it was lovely to talk to you about how well the children are doing in Nursery. The artists in Nursery put on their first art gallery showcasing their portraits made from a variety of material. Again thank you to all that attended, I'm sure you'll agree we have a talented Nursery.


The Dalmatian children have continued to share the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and are super at retelling it! Ask the children to tell you the story at home. We have been looking at positional language in maths and applying this by giving each other directions. The children have also enjoyed some Valentine’s Day fun this week. It was lovely to share the super work the children have done so far this year at parents evening. The children also enjoyed hosting the cake sale to raise funds for WOW events in the summer term. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

In English this week, Year 1 have been learning about the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. The children have created a story map and acted out the story. We have used this story to describe the characters and to talk about the characters feelings. The children have written the story in their English books using conjunctions and, but, because in their sentences. Can your child recite the story to you?  In maths this week, we have been counting forwards and backwards to and from 50. The children have been representing numbers by using ten frames and base 10 apparatus. The children have been using this apparatus to work out different problems and we were getting the children to explain how they had got their answers. In topic this week the children have been finding out what a Quran, Bible and Torah is and what religion they belong to in their Religious Education lessons. The children were asked to explain why these books are special to people and why they use them.


What a busy final week the Incredibles have had! The children have been developing their history knowledge and have been learning about toys from the past. Can your child share with you the different toys that were used in the past? In English, the children have enjoyed researching facts about old toys from non-chronological reports and have begun to create their own non-chronological reports about old toys using a variety of Y2 skills. Can your child share with you what the Y2 skills are? In maths the children have come to the end of their length and height unit and have thoroughly enjoyed using rulers and metre sticks to measure objects. The Year 2 children have also completed their half-termly Power Maths quizzes and have really impressed their teacher, well done! 


The children at Hamilton have learned lots about e-safety on Tuesday as part of e-safety day. The children were able to share with their friends and teachers how they stay safe on the internet. Can your child share with you how to stay safe on the internet? 


Thank you for your continued support in attending parents evening this week. If you have not yet made an appointment to meet your child’s class teacher, please make an appointment as soon as possible, thank you. 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister and Mrs. Robinson