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Welcome to Incredibles CL! This page is intended to help you feel involved and informed of everything that we do. Please take the time to explore our page where you will find lots of important information about our class.  


Let’s meet our ‘incredible’ staff...



Miss Lewis                              Mrs Robertson                      Mrs Evenson


Now that you've met our team, let's have a look at what MAGIC learning will be taking place in Incredibles CL this half term... This half term, our topic will focus on the key learning challenge 'What is our school made of?'. Our topic will be taking the children on an adventurous journey into the world of the fearless, undefeatable Traction Man by Mini Grey.

Click on the illustration of 'Traction Man' below to listen to part of the story! 


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Each week we will have focus questions to explore and answer based around the key learning challenge. Let's take a look... 

Week 1: How can you classify your toys taking account of the materials they are made of?

Week 2: What are the main reasons for choosing materials for different parts of the school building?

Week 3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of some common materials?

Week 4: How can you design and make your own Traction Man using a variety of different materials?

Week 5: How can you design a perfect playground using a range of materials and explain why you have chosen the materials?

Week 6: Reflection: Each group will take a different material and give a presentation about their chosen material.


We have lots of exciting and cross-curricular learning opportunities over the next few weeks. Our new topic will focus on science and the children will have the opportunity to learn about properties of materials and how they are suitable. The children will also learn performance skills as they will have the opportunity to take part in our Performance Enrichment Curriculum this term. 


Spring Term 1 - ESB poem

We pride ourselves in our childrens' developing speaking and listening skills. This half term, we will present show and tell linked to our learning and we will be reciting a poem called 'The Jungle Song' by Paul Shelley. Click here to practise with your child at home.


Spring Term 1 - Homework Challenge

Can you use a variety of materials (wood, plastic, metal, fabric etc) to create your own Traction Man? Please bring into school no later that WC 27.01.20. The models will be used for our wonderful Traction Man display. Happy creating! :) 

Don't forget to log on to Education City each week for your child to complete their homework. Please see the link below.


Spring Term - Newsletter

To find out more information about Year 2, including your child's PE day and key diary dates, please click here to view the Year 2 Spring Term Newsletter.


Wait until you see what our children have been up to…


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Please see below to find out about the End of Key Stage Statutory Assessments... Please see below to find out about the End of Key Stage Statutory Assessments... you will also find Paper 1 practice maths SATS papers, Paper 2 practice SATS papers and practice reading SATS papers. Click on the links to support your child at home.







How can you help your child at home? Check out our useful links… But be prepared to use your MAGIC learning behaviours to help you to tackle tricky problems!




To access your child's homework through Education City, please click on the image below...



Finally, thank you for taking the time to visit our incredible class page. We take pride in the children and their work and we hope that you feel the same way as we do about our magical school!