Children enter school via the pedestrian gate. A member of staff opens the gate and supervises entry. Staff stand along the path to greet and support children.

Arrival & Collection Times:

  • YN 8:40 arrival. 11:40 collection part time pupils. 2:40 collection full time pupils (once induction completed)
  • YR 8:40 arrival. 2:45 collection.
  • Y1 8:45 arrival. 2:50 collection
  • Y2 8:45 arrival.  2:55 collection

‘Our normal school day is from 8.40am – 2.55pm each day.  This equates to 31 hours and 15 minutes. We are currently working with the relevant parties to extend this in September 2023 in line with the revised DFE expectations to provide 32.5 hours.’